Website Administration

The Central Website, News Gate and Online Radio Station of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem have been set up and run on the basis of relevant decisions of the Patriarchate’s Holy and Sacred Synod (16th Synod 10-10-2006 and 54th Synod 20-04-2010) and are subject to the Patriarchate’s Web Division.

The General Manager of the Patriarchate’s Web Division is Dr Christos Th. Nikolaou. For administrative purposes, Dr Nikolaou is attached to His Beatitude Theophilos III, Patriarch of Jerusalem.


General Manager: Dr Christos Th.Nikolaou.


Secretarial Support: Ms Eirini Geourga

E-mail: Tel. +972-25792659


Central Website:

Head of content: Archbishop Aristarchos of Constantina

Secretarial Support: Ms Eirini Geourga

E-mail: Tel. +972-25792659


News Gate:

In charge of news reports and accompanying audiovisual material; editor: Archbishop Aristarchos of Constantina.

Secretarial assistance, editing of texts and of accompanying audiovisual material: Novice Nun Evanthia.

Tel. & Fax +972-26284882 E-mail:


Heads of Translations for the Web Division:

Arabic: Mr Shadi Κshieboun.


Russian: Dr Yelena Andreichenko & Ms Angeliki Peloriadou.


English: Sister Euphemia



Radio Station:

Head of programming: f. Nikitas Melios.

Tel. +972-587488880. Email:

Technical and secretarial support: Ms Eirini Geourga.

Tel. +972-25792659. E-mail: