To the Readers


Beloved children in the Lord of Our Mediocrity,

The Heritage of the Holy Shrines, the visible tokens of the earthly incarnate and salvific Providence of the Son and Word of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, as well as the Church community, the successor of the ancient Judeo-Christian Community, the Church of Jerusalem and Palestine, are the honour of our Patriarchate, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the pride which the Hagiotaphite Brotherhood and the indigenous Christian congregation have preserved through the centuries, with sacrifices of blood, continuous hard toil and remarkable amounts of money.

This Heritage of Grace, which fills the multinational visiting pilgrims with the gushing by the power of the Holy Spirit through the Divine Flesh of Christ, holy spiritual springs of contrition, repentance and apperception of love for Christ, this very heritage is befittingly presented to the people by the Church of Jerusalem, in any way and with full vigour, towards sanctification and salvation. Consequently the World Wide Web is the most suitable means of this projection, through which our aspiration is to familiarize the faithful with the unknown history and the various struggles in the Holy Land, as well as sanctify both their mind and soul by their active participation in relative sights and narratives, and facilitate the advent of all people wishing to help and contend with the Church of Jerusalem.

This website, the very first site of the Church of Jerusalem, the fruit of the charitable and pious toil of friends and contributors of the Holy Sepulcher, will be continuously enriched with God’s Will, with information related to all sectors of our Church life. The “aerial” electromagnetic data of contemporary technology, though inferior to the tangible writing with ink and paper, is however capable to similarly contribute to the bearing of salvific concepts that lead to the uncreated salvation in Christ.

May the Grace and Tradition, the Treasure of the Hagiotaphite Fathers, be to all an unerring guide of the Orthodox Faith and Life. According to the early Monks of Jerusalem, the Holy City of God Jerusalem is “the eye and beacon of the whole world, the one that has received the word of the Gospel, in accordance with the prophetic dictum saying that from Zion the law will come forth and the word of the Lord will come forth from Jerusalem” and its inhabitants are “as if they daily grope the truth through these Venerable Lands, where the sacrament of the incarnation of our great God and Saviour was accomplished”1. Invoking the Grace of these Venerable Lands on all of you, we bestow upon you our Paternal wishes and Patriarchal blessings.

In the Holy City of Jerusalem, in the month of May, of our salvation year 2007.

Fervent supplicant of all before God

Theophilos III


1.Cyril of Skythopolis, The Life of Our Father, Hossios Savvas 57.Ed. Schwartz Editions, Kyrillos von Skythopolis, Hinrichs Verlag Leipzig 1939,p.154.